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5 ways to find new clients

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In a competitive environment like ours, there is always something more that you can offer the client. Existing clients are great referral sources, and great referral resources. The processing in their area can be used as a template for any new clients coming on board.
1. Let prospective clients know about all you have to offer. Take advantage of new developments and resources to start conversations with potential clients about how you can add value to their business.
2. Articulate your value. Price is only the primary basis of a client’s decision when you do not give them anything else to judge you by. Think about what makes your firm special and how you have made a difference for clients. Have an in depth conversation with the prospect to gain an understanding of their wants and needs, and offer customized services and prices based on your discussions.
3. Ask for referrals. What is the number one reason why current clients do not refer business? Simple, they were never asked. Make a list of the clients for whom you have done really great work. Take those clients to lunch and tell them that your practice is always interested in serving new businesses and that you would appreciate it if they recommended you to others. Mention particular business contacts of theirs with whom you would like to work. Even when you are not asking for a referral, try to be the kind of professional your client would be proud to recommend. That means providing great client service—from their first phone call right through timely delivery of excellent service. Many accountants are hesitant to ask for referrals, but remember, this works both ways. Chances are, your clients want referrals just as much as you do, so you can both help each other by offering and receiving referrals for new business.
4. Place a laser focus on niches. When you give some thought to the best work you do, do particular industries or services keep coming up? Do you have a wealth of expertise in one or two specialty areas? If you do, you would be well advised to hone in on those areas when you seek new clients. You can use your proficiency to distinguish yourself from the competition and make a compelling case for future clients.
5. The Social Media Connect. As more and more outsourced accounting and CFO services move to the cloud, it makes sense that marketing and prospecting also have moved from traditional sources to online sources. Your website has to be set up for Search Engine Optimization, social media efforts must be frequent and targeted, and you should be blogging. Then, you must analyze all of these efforts. Your next clients are going to find you, so make sure you make it easy for them. If you are not digitally savvy, find someone who is to help you out.
Social media channels are another great way to get in front of your target audience, but make your involvement strategic. It’s better to be active and engaging the right people on a couple of platforms than being a jack of all trades and master of none. Start with what you can handle and expand strategically if resources allow it.
Whether you use any or all of these five tips, come up with a plan and change portions of the plan based on what works and what do not, be flexible and nimble, and you are sure to find new clients.