Estate planning – differences between generations...

Posted by:    |  Jun 21, 2016
Estate planning - differences between generations

Generally, when planning one’s estate and organizing personal affairs, two things come to mind — death and taxes. Organizing one’s affairs for prior generations was simpler, as assets were generally easier to discern, locate, value and distribute. Today’s estate planning i...Read more

Leaving a business – which is the best exit plan?...

Posted by:    |  Jun 21, 2016
Leaving a business - which is the best exit plan?

Selecting a business successor is a fundamental objective of planning an exit strategy and entitles a careful assessment of what is desired from the sale of business and who can best provide it. There are four ways to leave your business: transfer ownership to family members, Employee...Read more

Protect tax data from hackers...

Posted by:    |  Jun 21, 2016
Protect tax data from hackers

Whether in public accounting or business and industry, accountants are key stakeholders in cyber security. In organizations of all types, accountants play crucial roles in developing budgets that help determine how cyber security measures are implemented. The IRS considers identity th...Read more

Key Tax Provisions made permanent...

Posted by:    |  Jun 21, 2016
Key Tax Provisions made permanent

The new PATH Act signed into law by President Obama in December 2015 makes permanent many of the temporary tax provisions that individuals and businesses have come to rely on. As a result of the Act, you gain some certainty about tax breaks available to you, which may prove helpful in...Read more

Health Insurance & Divorce...

Posted by:    |  Jun 21, 2016
Health Insurance & Divorce

It is a common practice for one spouse to take care of health coverage for the whole family through group insurance plans at work. Unfortunately, in case a divorce happens, coverage for the other spouse and children could lapse. Medical bills and health insurance premiums can be extre...Read more

Tax Equalization for Expatriates...

Posted by:    |  May 31, 2016
Tax Equalization for Expatriates

GKM specializes in double taxation and this article specifically addresses that. A U.S. expatriate is a citizen or resident of the U.S. who lives outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico for more than one year and must report 100% of their worldwide income on their U.S. individual income tax ...Read more

Building Client Loyalty in the “Age of Disruption”...

Posted by:    |  May 31, 2016
Building Client Loyalty in the “Age of Disruption”

Clients all over the world demand greater personal attention in their shopping and service experiences, and accounting services are no exception. For years now, there is talk on how the accounting profession is poised to be primarily driven by the explosive growth of digital technolog...Read more

Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate...

Posted by:    |  May 31, 2016
Affordable Care Act's Employer Mandate

The Employer Shared Responsibility (ESR) Provision, or the mandate that employers need to cover their employees with health insurance, becomes effective in tax year 2015. Here is an overview of the various company sizes that are subject to the penalty provision and when the mandate ap...Read more

Digital etiquette for small businesses...

Posted by:    |  Jul 31, 2015
Digital etiquette for small businesses

  For a small business, an inexpensive tool to build brand awareness and promote service is social media. With the internet comes speed & efficiency, but a firm focus on basics and careful responses with an eye on reputation building is required. Discussed in this article are...Read more

Tax Strategies for selling your business...

Posted by:    |  Jul 31, 2015
Tax Strategies for selling your business

  Planning for the tax implications when it comes to selling your business is critical. Ignoring tax considerations until negotiations are well underway or a deal is struck is a serious mistake. Taxes on the proceeds of your sale, especially the potential for double taxation, can...Read more