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Social media etiquette for business

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For a small business, an inexpensive tool to build brand awareness and promote service is social media. With the internet comes speed & efficiency, but a firm focus on basics and careful responses with an eye on reputation building is required. Discussed in this article are a few tips on social media business etiquette.
Social networks can bring a whole new dimension to your business. You can build your reputation, differentiate your brand, create trust with prospects & clients, compete on a larger scale, attract new people to your website and market on a low-cost budget.
Etiquette is particularly important. Social media gives you the opportunity to reply or deal with a situation instantly. But your first response may not always be the most appropriate, so think before you act. In some situations, silence can be the most effective response.
Take a strategic approach to choose the right channels, understand the different types of social accounts and run them in appropriate ways.
Make sure any social media accounts you run are integrated into all your business communications. They must find a mention on your business cards, email signatures, websites and all stationery. This will include Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook among others.
Try to post regularly, provide varied content, be quick to respond to queries, check spelling, grammar, facts, links and tone before posting, and be respectful at all times.
Do not self-promote and be rude, critical of your competition or have negative undertones.
Effective social media is not about sending out a constant stream of offers and special deals. It’s all about interacting with your clients on their level and communicating to them in a useful, valued way. Social networks are a way to share relevant updates and expertise.
Think carefully about your brand, the service you provide and the way you interact with your clients. Your social media presence should be an extension of that. With a little practice, it will become an integral part of your business – and you’ll wonder how you managed without it.