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GKM is your ideal partner, lightening your load so you can focus on your bigger goals. We’re like a caddy, here 24/7 to provide insights, advice, and do the heavy lifting.

GKM: CPAs and accountants with over 500 years of combined experience. For over 25 years, we've served over 500 CPAs nationwide in accounting and auditing.

Estd: 1999
300+ Employees
360+ CPAs (Accounting firms)
60+ Professional Accountants across the globe

Our solutions/services for CPAs and audit firms in the USA

Tax Preparation

Delivering perfection that you rightly deserve.

Trust us to prepare your tax returns, and you will benefit greatly due to our two-tier review process, ensuring the highest quality of work.

Your Own
Extended Office

Save time and stress: We stay updated on the latest tax rules and norms, handling everything from complex tax changes to submission dates.

Eliminate errors: Submitting returns only to redo them due to mistakes is frustrating. With us, errors won't happen.

Save money: When taxes are done right, you can save money not just in the deductions that will come your way but also in avoiding penalties.

Constant support: We are here for you not only during tax season but also year-round, enabling informed and strategic financial planning decisions.

Audit Support Services

An ally in all things audit.

With GKM on your side, audits will become more accessible.

Watchful Eyes

Risk mitigation: Our support services monitor your documents and flag potential problem areas before they become issues. We reinforce this risk assessment with proper documentation and records to ensure preparedness.

Accuracy: Our audit support services are backed by our expertise and led by a professional team who know the tax system inside out. Our accuracy ensures peace of mind for you.

Accounting Services

Financial insight for your future.

GKM tackles crucial but non-core tasks for small businesses effortlessly with our team of CPAs, CAs, and accounting managers as the backbone of our services, offering numerous benefits.

Your Number Crunchers

Scalability: GKM's accounting services scale with your ambition, making your scalability efforts more rewarding.

Risk reduction: We ensure compliance, reducing your risk of financial, taxation, or legal penalties. Leave the complexities of taxation to us.

Profit Maximization: With us working on your accounts, you can be assured of accurate and complete filing.

Save time and effort: We handle financial tasks, leaving you free to focus on strategy and growth.

Advisory/ Consulting

Insightful guidance for great impact.

Trust GKM for top-notch tax advice covering double taxation, rebates, exemptions, FBAR, FEMA, RBI, and partnerships with foreign entities. Our diverse advisory board includes respected experts from the USA and Australia.

Your Co-Pilot

Peace of mind: We provide peace of mind and invaluable guidance for your practice. Our expertise in international matters expands your service offerings, ensuring client satisfaction.

Future-readiness: Our future-ready advice ensures better planning for your expanding customer base, backed by solid expertise.

Compliance: We ensure tax compliance by staying updated on filing norms, taxation changes, and penalties, keeping your taxes in order and compliant.

Sound advice: From tax implications to restructuring and investing, we are your go-to for all your needs. Bring us your questions and suggestions; we'll assist with everything.

Our team


GK Shrinivas
Chartered Accountant
Certified Public Accountant
Viji Sudhakar
Fellow Chartered Accountant
Certified Public Accountant
Chitra Menon
Executive Director


Rex Davis

Paul Stroub
Alex Malley
Team Members
200 +
Team members
10 %
Women employees
5 +
Years of combined experience
80000 +
Returns prepared
12000 +
hours of accounting services annually
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