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Free up your resources by offloading non-core yet vital areas of administration (like small business accounting) to GKM. You retain the ability to review the end product.

GKM provides a complete range of affordable accounting services with its team of experienced CPAs, CAs, and skilled accounting managers. With its team of experts ready to service your accounting at all levels, GKM ensures your sourcing experience is truly rewarding.

Benefits of partnering with GKM

Eliminate low value add functions

Accounting is a vital but low value adding function. Especially when you manage it for small businesses. Retain your service levels by offloading these without any impact on the revenue. While freeing up time and resources.

Smoother and stress free process

All information is made available to you prior to tax prep. This makes your task easier and ensures that you are able to discuss any outstanding issues, request any missing information from the client prior to tax preparation.

More bandwidth during tax season

Gain more time to focus on core issues for all clients and get enough time even during tax season to prepare advisory notes or research specific issues for clients.

Reduce error

Our team will familiarize itself with a client’s business prior to taking on a compilation task thus reducing scope for errors.

Take on more workload

GKM has special back work teams deployed during tax season to help you with a load of back work projects.

Provide wider gamut of services

Partner with GKM to provide diverse and value added services to small businesses at more cost-effective rates.

The GKM edge

Certified, trained & dedicated virtual accounting workforce

State-of-the-art technology & industry-benchmarked best practices at affordable rates

Reduced administrative & operating costs

Greater focus on compliance through standardized processes and methodologies

Process solutions

Book keeping

Our team is proficient in accounting software that specialize in small business bookkeeping such as Quick Books, Sage, Peach Tree, Creative Solutions etc.,


GKM’s accounting professionals also provide write-up services on monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Financial Statement Prep

Our team will prepare monthly financial statements, perform periodic financial analysis, and provide feedback for improvement.

Sales Tax

Provide comprehensive services relating to sales tax by leveraging our wide experience.

APAR Accounting Services

Benefit from professional services for accounts payables and accounts receivables.

Budgeting & Cash flow Management

Provide peace of mind and efficient services to your customers while we manage the monotony of cash flow management.

Business Plans

Our cross domain expertise will assist you in supporting clients with strong planning services.


Our quality financial compilation services ensure that relevant tie-outs to source documents are done and any omissions properly documented.


Trial balance preparation

Accounts reconciliation

Preparation of Financial Statements

Inventory analysis

Accounts payable & receivables

Bank & Credit card reconciliations

General ledger reports

Inventory reporting

Payroll registers

Risk assessment

Financial audits

Chart of accounts set up

1099 reports

Year-end W2 summaries

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