Evo live GKM

Reflecting on the insightful discussions at the annual BDO Global Alliance conference in Las Vegas -Tax, Finance, and Compliance. No dearth for perceptions and Key takeaways include

  1. Transformation and growth amidst uncertainty highlighting the unpredictable landscape in the USA. Many finance pundits predict economic volatility poses the same or greater risk in 2024 than it did a year ago. More than 30% expect flat or decreased revenues in 2024, while 34% predict the same profitability.
  2. Navigating through the promise of AI particularly Generative AI will play a crucial role. We saw the Algorithm wave in the early 2020s with structured data analysis, saw the Augmentation wave in the mid 2020s with solutions for repeatable tasks and will see the Autonomy wave in the late 2020s with predictions and transformative journey ahead.

      3. As “Global solutions“ become the norm post-COVID, India’s demographic potential positions it as a pivotal player on the international stage and occupying a major Centre stage of the Globe.